Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Build your email list

This is often the 1st challenge, no one likes typing in 100's of addressees or cutting and pasting them one at a time, so why don't you export them.
Gmail and Hotmail collect them and allow you to export them.
You can export from Outlook and most other email programs as well. But what about all the emails you receive and send, there are a lot of email in them.
Here's a free utility to do that.

Email Address Extractor for Microsoft Outlook

Utility designed and developed to extract valid email addresses from your inbox, sentbox or personal folder of Microsoft outlook and create a text file with all the email addresses.

If you need any help see me, I also offer a service to clean your list, send it to me and I can sent it back to you split into 3 files.

  • Verified good emails

  • Emails that do not exist

  • Emails that may be OK

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