Sunday, May 6, 2018

2018 update

I have been "Service Brokering" casually since I stopped doing it full time. Some recent examples are. A gent who was spending $288 per month with Telstra for bundle, Mobile, Internet, landline and pay TV. Result, $79 per month and he still has unlimited downloads and can do more than what he was doing before. Savings $2,508 in 12 months. My fee 25% of annual savings + $100 setup fee for new services and he still has Telstra Mobile coverage.
A lady landline/internet ADSL / pay TV setup, spending $221 pm. Now on NBN (10 times faster) $99 pm. Savings $1,464 in 12 months and has a better service. I could have saved, more but her Mobile was under a new contract.
I have also done a big job for a business with 2 owners and saved them almost $20,000.
I have the patients to stay on the phone with the providers and get the best deals.
All I need is your old bills and your authority to negotiate on your behalf.