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New Web Sites

Setting up a new web site is simple, (for me) and I make it simple for you.

All I need to know is who the site is for and their contact detail.

Then I need to know what the site is for, that is usually obvious most web sites are to let people know who, where, what and when and sometime how and often overlooked WHY.

No need to wait until you have it all together, I can have a website and email accounts setup for you and working in 24 hrs.

Just email me your details, address email phone ABN and logo if you have one and I will set it up.

1 Who is site for
2 Address

3 Phone
4 Email
5 Contact
7 Domain Name
8 Anything Else

Do you want
(all setup for no charge initially and maintained included in the $44 per month) • Blog
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Analytics
• Google Maps

Cost $220 to set it up plus $44 per month ongoing.

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