What a Service Broker does
Here is what we did for one business which is owned by 2 families, who had some services at their residences (3 locations).

First we changed their internet connections. Originally they had three ADSL-1 accounts . We modified this to two ADSL-2 (10 times faster) accounts and a wireless account at one home. With the addition of VoIP and Skype we saved them line rental on 4 phone lines and they now have a much faster service. In addition they have more phone numbers at a much lower call rate. We supplied two PDA mobile phones that gave e-mail access when on the move and access to the company wide contacts list, which was automatically updated. Five new 3G mobile phones were selected on a 24 month contract, saving money and adding features like e-mail and video calls. Across five phones and five computers there were ten contact lists. These were all combined and synchronized to collect the details of everyone the company dealt with. An e-mailing system was installed to send a bi-monthly newsletter and regular promotions to clients. An online data backup system was introduced that collected the data from the server where contacts, letters, e-mails, quotes and accounting data was kept. This automatically takes a daily backup and they can recall any day in the last 7, any week in the last month, any month in the last year and any year in the last four. They were paying far too much for their EFTPOS machine, so we organized new machines and they didn't even have to change bank accounts. They were buying in bottled water, so we installed a filter system that produces better quality water at a much reduced price. We are currently having energy providers quote us more competitive prices for their electricity and gas consumption.

Are you interested in saving money? ( $56,000 over 4 years in this case)

It's as easy as this:

* Supply us with your bills for last month
* Have a meeting with us to discuss recommendations
* Supply content for your newsletters and we setup your e-mailing templates
* Select new phones and give us your contact lists
* Then we'll show you how to use your new phones and e-mail accounts
* We will save you time, money and improve your client contacts which increases sales
* Our other clients paid out their staffs mobile contracts and we supplied them with phones with the same provider so calls between staff were free (even though staff still had their own accounts, the company pays a $30 per month staff phone allowance)

Could you use a service like this with a $1,000 return on investment?

Call us soon to book an appointment,. Only $385 with no risk because if we do not save you 3 times this ($1,000) in the first 12 months we will refund the $385.

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