What do you get

What do you get for your $44 per month or more?

Fair question.

You get someone who knows you to make sure that you email and web site is working, some one who will monitor the system which you do not need to understand and fix problems as they arise, at no additional charge to you.

The components I will cover for this monthly fee is the Domain Registration and renewal (you pay the fee every 2 years)

  • The Name Server (directs the domain name to the DNS Server).

  • The DNS Server (Directs the domain name to the web servers and mail servers)

  • The Web Server ( where the web site is hosted)

  • The Mail Server ( where the emails are routed through)

  • The web site content (kept up todate minor changes no charge)

  • Supply and reset lost passwords

  • Setup new email accounts, remove old ones

  • Provide Analytics and Stats (additional charges if you want me to improve them)

I hope you see the value in this ( I normally bill every 3 months $132)

If you would like to start maximizing your web site follow this link ( there will be a reduced charge for existing customers)

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